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    Ciara O'Neill
    Ciara O’Neill

    Hi members

    Registration for the next block of swimming and yoga classes will open next Monday morning, May 14th at 9am. As usual, you’ll need to pay via our online store to secure a place. Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The final Wicklow pool session will take place on May 28th, with sessions then moving outdoors, to Wicklow Harbour for the summer month, starting Monday June 11th

    Please read the following information prior to signing up:
    – Members should only sign up for a swim block that suits their ability (check the guidelines included below and check with your coach). If you sign up for a class that doesn’t match your ability, then you may end up being reassigned to another class or refunded.
    – If you’re new to the club and are interested in swimming but you haven’t yet been assessed by Coach John Doyle, then please contact us at before signing up for the next swim block. Swim assessments will enable us to guide you to the swim class that best suits your ability.
    – As usual, we want as many members as possible to have the opportunity to get at least 1 coached club swim per week, so in the interest of fairness, we ask that all members can initially just sign up for 1 block when registration opens on Monday morning. If the blocks don’t sell out within a few days, then we will give members the opportunity to purchase a 2nd swim slot.
    – If you know you’re going to miss 3 or more classes in a row (e.g. due to travel or an injury) then please contact us as we may be able to temporarily transfer your place to another member (with agreement from your coach).
    – Finally, any members with a poor attendance rate in the previous block (missing 50% of the sessions) will be put on a waiting list. If the block doesn’t sell out within a few days after it opens on Monday, then those members on the waiting-list will be welcome to sign up. I know some of you have been calling us ‘swim nazis’ for doing this :blink: , however we had loads of members complaining that they’d missed out on getting a swim place and they then told us they were annoyed to hear stories of other members who were signing up but only attending 1 or 2 classes, so we’re just trying to come up with a system that’s a bit fairer to the majority. I’m sure you all understand 😉

    Swimming Class Times
    Wicklow Town, Monday evening 7:30pm: commencing June 11th
    Open water swimming in Wicklow Harbour in June, July & August
    Classes are free to all members and no sign-up is required
    Advanced, Intermediate & Improvers

    Greystones, Tuesday morning 6:30am: commencing May 22nd
    10 Week Block
    Advanced only – Approx < 1:50 mins per 100m Greystones, Thursday evening 7pm: commencing May 24th
    10 Week Block
    Advanced & intermediate only (At a minimum, participants must be able to complete 10 x 100m on a 2:10min turnaround time)

    Greystones, Thursday evening 8pm: commencing May 24th
    10 Week Block
    Improvers only

    Equipment Needed: Pull Buoy, fins, paddles

    Tuesday evening 7:30pm
    Shoreline Greystones, commencing May 22nd
    10 week block

    Thursday evening 6:45pm
    Shoreline Greystones, commencing May 24th
    10 week block

    Thursday evening 8:15pm
    Shoreline Greystones, commencing May 24th
    10 week block

    Equipment Needed: Yoga mat

    Ciara O'Neill
    Ciara O’Neill

    Hi guys

    Both of the Thursday swim blocks have now sold out. Email us at if you want to put your name on a waiting list.

    There are still 2 places remaining in the Tuesday morning advanced swim class and there are lots of yoga places available too.

    For those who missed out, don’t forget we’ll have our coached open water swims on Mondays from June 11th onwards. They’re free to all members. There’ll be loads of unofficial open water swims happening throughout the summer as well.

    Ciara O'Neill
    Ciara O’Neill

    All swim blocks have now sold out. We still have plenty of yoga places available though, which is the perfect opportunity to give your body a little bit of TLC over the busy race season 🙂

    Billy Diggin
    Billy Diggin

    A quick note from Ingrid (yoga) that she will not be available on Thursday May 24th.
    We might do a bit of improv? Or re-hydration (in Beach House)….

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