It is all too easy to forget important equipment on race day. In order to save yourself from stressing over what to bring or not bring, here is a check-list of (nearly) everything you could need:

  • Essential Items
    • Triathlon Ireland Race Licence/One-Day License - you cannot race without them! If you're using a full license, ensure your photo is affixed as advised as this will be checked.
    • Bikeensure that it is in working order, that the plugs are in the end of your handlebars, brakes are working, etc. All of this will be checked at the race. It's good practice to get on the bike briefly before the race to ensure it's working correctly.
    • Helmetensure it is sized correctly (but not too tight!!)
    • Cycling Shoes - assuming you are wearing them, runners will do fine if not.
    • Pumpfor checking your tyre pressure before the race
    • Tri-Suit (or whatever you plan to wear on race-day) - just remember not to expose your torso on race-day as you can be disqualified!
    • Wetsuityou may wish to lubricate the insides to help you get it on/off during the race
    • Gogglesyou may want to consider tinted goggles if it's a sunny day.
    • Swimming Capsyou will get one at registration which you must wear, you may also want to wear another underneath for warmth
    • Race-beltfor showing your race number without affixing it to your clothes. If you don't have one, they're quite cheap online.
    • Runnersconsider using lock-laces or equivalent to speed up getting on/off your runners and practice this pre-race
    • Drinkwater or sports drink on the bike? Water in transition? It all depends on what you want and what you're used to
    • Nutritionwhatever you're used to. Banana before the race? Gel during? Recovery food for afterwards?
    • Lubricant - yes, essential. You want to be able to get out of your wetsuit quickly, into your runners quickly and to race without chaffing. Body-glide, Vaseline and baby-oil recommended!
  • Optional Items
    • Garmin/GPS watch?personal choice - I like to have mine, more for analysis after the race.
    • Heart-rate Monitor?again, personal choice. You may want to know your heart-rate in a race, but for these distances you may just want to go flat-out
    • Elastic bands? - if you're going to leave your cycling shoes clipped onto your bike, you may want to consider elastics to keep them in place. Don't attempt this on race day if you haven't practised it!
    • Saddle-Bag?handy for carrying spare tubes, etc. But ask yourself if you really plan on changing a tyre if you puncture during a sprint or olympic first. If not, don't bother.
    • Cycling Gloves?most people wouldn't bother but if you feel you are going to get too cold without them, it's worth bringing.
    • Socks?if you must wear socks while running, try to limit the time you lose in transition by rolling your socks so that you can slip your toes in and then roll the rest of the sock up your foot. Ankle-socks work best for this. As with everything, practice this before race day.
    • Suntan Lotion?if it's a rare hot day in Ireland, you don't want to be getting burnt!

If your child is interested in joining the youth section of Wicklow Triathlon Club or if you have any other general enquires, then you contact us by emailing WicklowTriYouths@gmail.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WicklowTri arranges various sessions across all disciplines, details of which can be found below.

For insurance purposes, you must be a member of both Triathlon Ireland and of Wicklow Triathlon Club to attend these sessions.

Aside from these organised sessions, you will also find other members will meet up and organise unofficial training sessions themselves. Keep an eye on the forum for these.


Thursday Night Swim, 7-8pm/8-9pm, Greystones Run all year round

Coached swim sessions in Shoreline Leisure, Greystones. Run by our fully qualified coaches, these sessions cater for all abilities. Coach John Doyle takes the 8-9pm slot which is for beginners and improvers (2 lanes). The 7-8pm slot is for everyone else, and we have all 6 lanes to ourselves. Coach Lisa Howley or John Doyle take lanes 1-3 while Coach Corinna Nolan takes lanes 4-6; the sessions tend to focus on swim technique over the winter months and then build up speed and endurance as we approach race season.

These sessions cost €70 per 10 week block and are available to purchase online. If you are new to the club and wish to try out a session, please contact us and let us know.

Monday Night Pool Swim, 8-9pm, Wicklow Run throughout late autumn/winter/spring

Coached swim sessions in The Coral Leisure Centre in Wicklow Town. As with our Greystones swim, this session is run by qualified coaches and are catered for all abilities. Coach Fiona Crean takes care of the beginners and improvers, while Coach John Doyle  takes the more advanced swimmers.

These sessions cost €70 per 10 week block and are available to purchase online.

Monday Night Open Water Swim, 7:30pm, Wicklow Harbour Run throughout the summer

These sessions are invaluable to get you ready for swimming in open water. This session is coached by Coach John Doyle, Coach Lisa Howley and Coach Fiona Crean from the safety of their kayaks to ensure all swimmers are safe at all times. The session will cover basic open water swimming, more advanced techniques, various swim starts, how to swim around buoys, how to sight properly in open water, etc.

These sessions are free for all members. Be ready to get into the water at 7:30pm down at Wicklow Harbour.

Tuesday Morning Swim, 6:30-8am, Greystones Run throughout the year (depending on demand)

Coached by Coach John Doyle, these sessions are a great way to start the day. As we only have 2 lanes, these sessions are limited to intermediate and advanced swimmers. Please talk to John if you are interested in them but are unsure if you'd be able for them. As with the other pool swim sessions, they cost €70 for 10 weeks and are available to purchase online.


Saturday Spin, 9:45am/10am, Ashford Run all year round, depending on weather

Our long cycles take place each Saturday morning and are split into groups based on speed/distance/ability. The various routes are put up on the forum ahead of time so you can familiarise yourself with the route and a rough estimate of the average speed for each group so that you can be aware of what you're letting yourself in for! Each week an experienced club member will lead out our "New To Tri" group for any new members looking to get started on the bike. For more information about this, please feel free to contact us. Our Saturday Spins are free but traditionally finish with a well-deserved post-spin tea/coffee in Mount Usher Gardens so optionally bring some cash (in a plastic bag - no-one wants to handle sweaty money!).

Meet in the carpark of Chester Beatty Inn, Ashford and be ready to go at 9:45/10am, depending on which group you plan to go with (again, see the forum for the various groups ahead of time).

Wednesday Night Turbo, 7:30pm, Wicklow Town Run throughout late autumn/winter/early spring

Run by John Darcy, these sessions are fantastic for improving your cycling stamina, speed and strength. Regulars to this session will tell you that these sessions make a big difference to bike performances come race season. You will need to bring your bike and a turbo trainer; if you don't have one, post up on the forum and ask if anyone can lend you one to see how you get on. You will also need a drink, towels and a change of t-shirt as it gets very hot and sweaty! We've even been known to set off the smoke alarm! All abilities are catered for and John will be on hand to help you get set up if needs be and tell you what you need to be doing if you're in any way unsure. These sessions are free for all members.

Meet at the Assembly Hall in Wicklow Town, next door to the Garda Station, and be ready to go at 7:30pm.

Wednesday Night TT Intervals, 7pm, Ashford Run throughout late spring/summer

Led by John Darcy, these sessions are targeted at improving cycling sprint speed on the roads and are open to all abilities. You will be split up into small groups of people of a similar speed and do a number of efforts at speed down a quiet road, each taking a turns at the front of the group. These sessions are hard work but incredibly rewarding and will certainly be a huge help come race season; they are also free for all members.

Meet in the carpark of the new Applegreen at Cullenmore (Exit 14 on the N11) at 6:45pm to be ready to start at 7pm.


Tuesday Night Run, 7:30pm, Greystones Run all year round, with a short break around October/November

Our coached running sessions are coached by Eamonn Tilley and are geared towards working on your run speed, gait, technique, hill work, being aware of your heart-rate and how to approach races. These sessions are free to all members and are highly recommended; any regular to these sessions will tell you that these sessions have made huge improvements to their run times. These sessions cater for all abilities as Eamonn does a superb job of managing all of the different running abilities. New members are encouraged to join in as they will help your run and help you meet fellow club members.

Meet in the carpark of Go Gym in Greystones (formerly Jackie Skelly), be ready to go at 7:30pm.


Triathlon Ireland Junior Participation Day - Saturday 11 April 2015

There will be a Triathlon-Ireland run Junior Participation day on Saturday 11 April 2015. For more details pleasee see the main news article.


Junior Bike Skills - Mar 15th 2015

We had loads of eager athletes taking part in our junior club's bike skills' training session on March 15th in Greystones Harbour.  Our coaches put our young athletes through the paces, with tons of new tips being picked up by all. Well done guys!  We're looking forward to seeing these skills being put to practice in some races this summer.  Great to see so many new faces there too!!



Triathlon Ireland Training Day - Feb 28th 2015

Triathlon Ireland are holding a junior training day in Bray on the 28th of February for 10 - 19 year olds. It's on our doorstep, so it's the perfect opportunity to get your kids involved. See TI's website for more details:




Wicklow Tri Junior Events - December 2014

We had a great end to 2014 with 2 really enjoyable events for our junior members:


Duathlon Training Day - Corkagh Park

It was our first time to hold this event at the fantastic Corkagh Park in Clondalkin. Although it was extremely cold, thankfully it was dry and bright. It was also the first time we invited outside members of other clubs to participate and we received very positive feedback from them.
We had the Under 8’s dash which was a 400m cycle followed by a 200m sprint. Following this was the 8-10 years which was a 400m run/1500m cycle/400m run. Next up was the 11-12 years event which was a 400m run/3750m cycle/400m run. And then last was the older members who did an 800m run/3750m cycle/800m run. Well done to all who participated.
Afterwards we enjoyed some hot chocolate and home-baked goodies which helped warm the bellies!
All participants received medals and it was fantastic to see our own members do so well. I hope you all learnt a little about what competitive racing is like!


Swim Gala - Greystones

We had a bigger number of participants this year for our annual swim gala which was great. Members were divided into waves based on their ages and each wave did a front crawl race and then a breast stroke race.
All participants received a certificate and the first 3 places received a prize.
Afterwards he had a Christmas party in one of the rooms with music, party food and a presentation. There were plenty of spot prizes too and of course chocolate Santas. It was a great way to end the year!
We would like to thank all the bakers, the helpers, the marshalls, the volunteers, senior club members, the coaches and the committee members for a stellar job done this year with all the training and the races.





Wicklow Tri Junior Duathlon - 7th Dec 2014

The junior section of Wicklow Tri Club will be holding a fun duathlon for young athletes aged 7 to 15, in Corkagh park on Sunday December 7th. Registration will take place at 11.30am, with the race starting at 12 noon.

Corkagh Park is an ideal location for a duathlon as it has an enclosed cycle track with a really smooth surface. There will be 3 waves to cater for all age groups and we may even have a little race for some of the younger siblings.

Invites are open to junior members of other clubs, so we'd love to see some of them joining us as well.

To register your child, please email, by Dec 1st, with your child's name, age on Dec 31st 2014 and the name of their triathlon club.

To help cover our costs for the day, we are asking for a €5 donation from each participant.

As usual, competitors will be asked to present their TI cards or sign a guest sign-on sheet on the day.

We hope to see lots of you there, for what promises to be a great event.


Junior Triathlon Talent Identification Day - 30th November 2014

For any of our younger members, the following event might be of interest to you. More details are available via



Smiles Galore as Junior Training Resumes, 7th September 2014

Wicklow Tri Club's junior members kicked off a new season of training last Sunday, with a trail run in Kindlestown Wood. It was great to see so many eager athletes taking part in glorious sunshine, so well done to all of you. We're looking forward to welcoming lots of new members throughout the 2014/2015 season, so if you have a child aged 8->15 who'd like to join us, please contact for more details.



Loughrea Junior Triathlon National Championships, 3rd August 2014

Two WTC junior members competed in the  BSM national triathlon championship in Loughrea, Galway on the 3rd August.   It was a fairly tough course- a choppy lake swim and technical bike course.

Our first junior was in the 7-9 group and was first to race. The lake was warm but quite choppy. Most of the competitors dolphin-dived and ran. Not a lot of swimming!  The bike course was up a hill then down another hill round the turnaround and back up the hill! She crashed at the dismount line with a few others and got quite a shock. But she picked herself and her bike up and continued the race with tears in the eyes and managed to get 3rd place and on the podium. Well done for not giving up!

Our second competitor was in the 10-11 age group. Here the competition was extremely tough. The swim section was out to a buoy around it and on to a second buoy and back in the other side of the jetty.  He got a great start with his head down and was out near the head of the pack.  The going got tough with the waves and the crowd of swimmers around the buoy.  He finished the swim saying “that was horrible”. However once on the bike he had a smile on his face and then it was on to the run with his trade mark sprint finish.  He finished 19 out of 50 in his age group which he was more than happy with and despite the swim loved it.

This is a great race for the juniors to do although the competition is quite fierce. But it's very well run and easily do-able as a day trip from Wicklow. All finishers get a medal and goodie bag and there are very nicely presented trophies for podium places. The club is very welcoming and we will hopefully be going back next year.


Bray Wheelers Underage Interclub League 2014, 8th July 2014

Below are the dates and locations for this year's Underage InterClub League, which is run by Bray Wheelers.

There are five races in the series, for different age groups, with time trials and handicapped races. All are welcome!!

The league has road, grass, circuit, mountain bike and track racing, with a prize presentation afterwards, with medals for all participants.

The clubs that take part are Bray Wheelers, Sorrento Cycling Club, Wicklow Triathlon Club, Orwell Wheelers, plus others.

Race Schedule
Mon 21st July 2014 – Road Race, 7.15pm in Ashford on Cullenmore Bends (NB: please note new location – middle R’bout)
Mon 28th July 2014 – Grasstrack Race, 7.15pm in Shanganagh Park
Mon 4th August 2014 – (No race due to Bank Holiday)
Mon 11th August 2014 – MTB Race, 7.15pm in Ballinastoe 
Mon 18th August 2014 – Circuit Race, 7.15pm in Corkagh Park
Sun 24th August 2014 – Track Race and Skills Competition, 2pm in Track in Crumlin
Mon 25th August 2014 – Slideshow, Refreshments and Prize Presentation, at 8pm, Bray Wheelers Clubhouse


Kids of the West Triathlon, Carrigaholt Co.Clare, 29th June 2014

Fantastic race report from one of our junior members, following his recent success at the Kids of the West race in Co. Clare.  Congrats from all at Wicklow Tri!

“I really like Kilkee because I go there every summer to stay in my Nanny's mobile. It was really busy with thousands of people in the town for Hell of the West. There were lots of Wicklow Tri people in transition and they were all together beside the band stand. The weather was really hot on Saturday and the triathlon was brilliant. John Darcy and Liamo won their races so I wanted to do really well for Wicklow Tri Club too on Sunday.

After Hell of the West my Dad changed the saddle and handlebars and pedals on his bike so I could fit on it and I spent ages practising my cycling. I love road bikes! On Sunday morning we went to Carrigaholt for the Kids of the West race, it is the next town to Kilkee where the dolphin watch boats go from. I got a big surprise because Rose and John and Anne from Wicklow Tri Club were there. Rose told me I could do really well so I wanted to win. There were loads of people setting up the course and transition so I got my bike and runners and stuff all setup. The 11-14's had a long swim so they all had wetsuits on and I wanted to wear mine but Dad convinced me that I didnt need mine for my 50 metres swim.

I was very nervous before the start because my race had 43 entries and lots of them were wearing tri suits and had really nice bikes in transition. The tide was very far out and the water was shallow.

We all walked out to the start. When the race started I tried to swim but it was very shallow. I did some dolphin dives like I saw them doing in the 11-14 race and then saw people running in the shallow water. Everybody started running so I did too. I was around the top 10 into the transition and put on my runners, helmet and glasses as fast as I could.

Our cycle was 2km and was steep up hill like the Hell of the West. I had a big smile because I was able to fly up the hill and passed out about 5 or 6 people before we did our U turn. Coming back down the hill I went as fast as I could go. When I got back to the transition Rose and John and Dad were at the bike line. I tried to stop a bit fast before the line and went over the handlebars! I was OK and the bike was OK so I just got up and went as fast as I could.

I was tired from the cycling because I went as fast as I could. There was a guy in front of me so I ran up behind him and stayed there for most of the running. When we got back close to the finish I ran as fast as I could. I passed the guy out and everybody was clapping and cheering at me and telling me to sprint for the finish because I was third. I was so happy to finish third but was so tired I couldn't breathe and felt sick!

Everybody was really nice to me for finishing third and I felt very proud. We all got medals and then there was a presentation of trophies. I was presented with my trophy by Aaron O'Brien who won the Hell of the West triathlon and who is the National Champion”.




Fingal Junior Triathlon, Skerries, 14th June 2014

There was only 1 Wicklow Junior member to take part in the Fingal Triathlon race on Saturday.

Her age group was 8-9 years and there were about 20 kids entered in her wave.  She had to do a beach start and a 100m sea swim.  Although many parents (myself included) thought it was actually more like 200m. Due to some confusion at the start, most kids stopped at the first buoy and walked rather than swam. Our junior went off fast and lead the swim pack to almost the end when the current started to take them out a little.  They aborted the swim and kayakers brought them in to shore. Our junior was 3rd out of the water and quickly ran down the beach to the bike racks. Her transition was spot on and she was first out on the bike to the 2.5km cycle on closed roads. A boy managed to catch her and they played cat and mouse until T2.  Once on the run she took off (700m) round the rugby pitch and dropped the boy. She did a strong run and managed to pull away and came in first.  So she was not only 1st girl home, but 1st overall beating the whole field. She thoroughly enjoyed it all and we had great warm weather and she was delighted with herself for really giving it a go. Well done! We are very proud of your efforts.




Lough Cutra Castle Junior Triathlon, Gort, Co Galway 25th May 2014

3 brave junior members entered the Castle Triathlon Series Junior Triathlon on Sunday. 2 girls were in the 8-10 years age group and 1 boy was in the 11-12 years age group. 2 members had done this race last year so knew what was ahead of them. It takes a lot of courage to be able to swim in a deep black lake especially when it’s a deep water start. So fair play to our members for this major achievement. They should be very proud of themselves.

We were a little unlucky with the weather and there were a few showers here & there before the juniors' start time. But thankfully it cleared nicely and the lake was lovely and calm, with a temperature of about 14 degrees.   The boy member went out first. He had moved up an age group so was in with older children this time around and the distance had increased. Still he did very well and finished as he always does with his signature sprint over the line.

The 2 girls were next and this race for one of them was a first triathlon so hats off to trying hard and being brave in the swim. She did so well after only joining the club recently and not having done many races before. So well done for giving it go, because that's what its all about. Our other competitor raced very well and considering she didn’t even put her head in the water last year, was 3rd out of the water this year with a fantastic swim split. She held onto 3rd place and was second girl home in her wave. In the end she got 5th girl home after all the waves finished so she improved tremendously since last year. A little older and a little wiser.

So well done to our 3 members who took part.  I hoped you enjoyed your first full Triathlon on the year.

Heidi Sheehy (WTC Junior Committee)




3D Tri Junior Aquathon, NAC Blanchardstown - 18/05/2014

Wicklow Tri Club had one girl and 4 boys participate in the kids’ aquathon at the National Aquatic Centre on May 18th. It was a well organised event and I think all the kids worked really hard. I thought the calibre of young athletes to be quite strong so we were up against a tough crowd.

We arrived early to beat the crowds, picking up our race number, swim hat and goodie bag and then met up with the other members. The swim took place in the diving pool (25m) at the grand NAC, with about 6 children in each swim lane. It was a group start, with the youngest going out first at 11am. Once the swim was complete, transition took place at the poolside and the kids then ran out the back door to a field adjacent to the pool. It was an undulating field and the kids looked to be digging deep in the grass. There were some superb sprint finishes too.

Once all waves were finished, it was time for the prize giving. We had one member in the 8-9 years wave win (2nd girl). One of our boys in the 10-11 wave was just pipped for podium, finishing as 4th boy across the line. There was a man making balloon animals and a lady doing face-painting while we waited to keep the little ones entertained.

Just remember fellow juniors, that even though you may not get podium, you tried your best, you learnt some valuable lessons and you had fun.

All in all, a good day I think! Well done to our members in blue-you all did a super job. Keep up the good work.

Heidi Sheehy (WTC Junior Committee)


Race Report from Cormac Flavin

"On Sunday 18th May I took part in the 3D Tri kids aquathon in the NAC.  Before the race started it was very nerve wracking and I kept telling myself to calm down. I was in wave 2 lane 5. There were six people in my lane.  I pushed off to a good start and at the end if the 250 meter swim I was second out of my lane. I ran to transition at the side of the pool put my top on first then my trainers.  I ran out towards the run track and did two laps.  I came home in 4th place which I was delighted with".





WTC Junior Aquathon, Shoreline Greystones - 04/05/2014

Luckily the weather stayed dry for our young members' big race day. For some of you it was your first time racing so well done to you all. I hope you had a fun day.

It was an early start, with members arriving to register and set up their transition boxes from 9.30 and some very excited members itching to get going.

After registering, we held our race brief, then it was off to get changed and to do a warm up in the pool.

The first wave went off at about 10:20, with our smallest members (as young as 7) swimming 2 lengths of the pool.  Then it was out of the back door to transition to get changed and out onto the race course. Then the second and third waves had their turn.  It was great to see all the members out on the course, trying to catch the people in front. There were some nice quick transitions as well, so well done guys.  Some of you have been practicing J

We had some great sprint finishes and one member even managed to lose his shoe on the run course but still managed a great big smile coming over the finish line. You have to be ready for anything!

Once all the members were in and had a hot shower, we had our medal presentation.  All members received a goodie bag and finisher medal.  1st, 2nd and 3rd places also got a medal.  I hope you showed your medals off in school on Tuesday.

So well done to our young members again.  I really hope you enjoyed the day and had some fun. And thank you to the parents and senior members of the club for their help in marshalling.


Here are the results:


Wave 1 (50m swim/400m run)

1st place Lily Sheehy
2nd place Hugh Parker
3rd place Alannah Guilfoyle


Wave 2 (100m swim/600m run)

1st place Saoirse Guilfoyle
2nd place Sean Lundy
3rd place Megan O'Brien


Wave 3 (200m swim/1500m run)

1st place Stephen Bowes
2nd place Cormac Flavin
3rd place Christopher Bowes


So until the next race, keep training!


Heidi Sheehy

Race Director






09/04/2014 - Fingal Junior Duathlon

The junior race season is well underway with 2 of our junior members having raced in the Fingal Junior Duathlon on Saturday 5th April, up in the very picturesque Ardgillan Castle in Balbriggan

Fortunately the rain stayed away for most of the day, however we were faced with the challenge of a pretty mucky course. There were over 90 kids entered so things got a bit chaotic, but all in all they did very well with one of our young members coming 1st in the female  8-9 years wave and a 2nd member coming 2nd in the male 10-11 years category.  Well done guys.  Great effort in tough conditions. 


Check out the race reports below!!



Race report from our winner in the female 8-9 years wave

"I was really excited about doing my Duathlon with my daddy on the same day at the Fingal Tri Junior Duathlon on Saturday.  I got my race number and went to put my new road bike on the rack.  But all the bikes fell down and the rack broke and so the marshalls had to put all the bikes back on the rack.  Then the race began.  I had to run for 400 metres down a small track then run back into the transition to get my bike.  It was busy! Lots of kids everywhere! I got my bike and started the bike. It was nice because I got to ride my new bike on the roads and I passed out a lot of the kids in my group.  I went off and did the second run which was 600 metres and I tried to catch the boy in front of me.  Then I saw the finish line and sprinted hard.  The time keeper told me Congratulations you are the first girl home! I was happy. We had to wait til the afternoon for the prize giving. I knew I was 3rd place overall so thought I would just get a medal for 3rd but I was so surprised when they gave me a trophy for  1st place girl.  I was so surprised and happy".


Race report from our winner in the male 10-11 years wave

"I arrived at the car park very tired as I had been woken up at a quarter to seven by my mum and I stayed up really late the night before to watch a school play. We walked over to the registration tent to get my race numbers and then went back to the car to get my bike and put it in transition after that we went and did some warm ups but when we got back to transition for the briefing all the bikes had fallen over so the start was delayed. After the marshals had fixed that it was time for the race briefing and it was very confusing for everybody. When the race started I did well on the first run and cycle. When I came in to transition a girl took my bike (actually mums racer borrowed for today) and didn’t tell me where to go for the last run so I ended up doing one lap of the six to seven year olds track until my mum asked a marshal where to go. I ended up doing one lap too many. When I finished we went home as we didn’t have time to stay for the prize giving. I only knew that I came second when Heidi rang to say I’d won a trophy and we could pick it up at the track the next day.
I really enjoyed the competition. Not sure I enjoyed doing the race report afterwards. Lesson learned is to find out the course during the briefing. I can’t wait for the next one".



01/04/2014 - WTC at the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Well it didn't take long for our young members to jump on board when we first suggested the idea to take part in this year's St. Patrick's Day parade in Greystones.  As always, they demonstrated their usual level of camaraderie and enthusiasm to help represent Wicklow Triathlon Club.  The best triathlon club in the world.


Undeterred by the chilly weather conditions, everyone donned their finest WTC blue hoodies or t-shits, with a couple of green wigs and shamrocks too.  Well, it was St Patrick's Day after all.   


Along with our junior athletes, we also had a number of senior club members, committee members and coaches talking part, with Coach Lisa showing off her lovely new tan, fresh from her tough training week in Lanzarote.  We also had 1 year old Freya at the centre of it all.  We really do start them young at Wicklow Tri!!


The parade started at Shoreline Leisure Centre, a place that we're all very familiar with from our regular Sunday swims. We then proceeded up the main street of Greystones, past the viewing stand, where the commentator described us as some of the fittest and healthiest people in the county.  Not sure if he would have been so quick with his complements if he'd seen us all tucking into the green ice-cream afterwards though.


As usual, we had lots of smiles and laughter along the way and I think we were all very proud to be involved in another enjoyable event with Wicklow Tri Club.  Thanks again to all our members who took part.  You did your club proud and we're already looking forward to 2015's parade.  Think we'll be nominating Coach Conor to wear his wetsuit next year :)





24/03/2014 - Junior Trail Run Event Report

We decided to do a trail run somewhere new this week so Deputy's Pass it was.  It was a stunning morning-sunny, warm and bright.  The loop is a 3.7km up and down.  The juniors did a great job of tackling the first hilly section.  We stopped at the top for the stunning views and a quick breather then off we went again enjoying the winding downhill back to the cark park.
Sean Lundy led the post run stretching session at the end.

Well done all-hope you enjoyed today's run.  The younger members made a fabulous effort!  See you next time.


20/03/2014 - Junior Trail Run Directions

Directions & map for our junior trail run in Deputy's Pass, Glenealy on Sunday March 23rd, are included below.

Take the N11 Southbound to Rathnew. Go into the village and at the roundabout at the Apple garage turn right towards Rathdrum.  Go along this road through Glenealy until you go under a railway bridge. The next turn LEFT is Deputy's Pass.  400m on the left is the car park.  Please note there are no toilets here.

The loop is just under 4km. The track is well kept and wide in places, narrow in others. There is a steady climb on one side and a nice downhill on the other.


18/02/2014 - WTC Junior Survey

Calling all parents of our junior members!!

We would like your co-operation with filling out 2 Wicklow Tri Junior Online Surveys. One is for parents and one is for children. The deadline is the last day of February, Friday 28th.

This important feedback will allow Wicklow Triathlon Club to improve our service to junior athletes as well as build evidence for future state funding applications.

The online surveys (via Survey Monkey) are quick and easy to fill out. No names are requested, so all information supplied is confidential. If you have more than one child in the club, please fill out a parent survey for each of your children. It might be a good idea to be on hand to assist younger athletes in filling out the survey. Please click on the following links.


We appreciate your co-operation on this and look forward to hearing from you.


Many thanks
The Wicklow Tri Junior Team



05/12/2013 - WTC Junior Swim Gala

Hot on the heels of our Duathlon was the WTC Junior Swim Gala. This consisted of 4 races for 3 age groups.  We had a 25m Front Crawl Sprint, 50m Front Crawl Sprint, 25m breastroke and 25m backstroke(double distance for the older age group).  It was great to see such a good turnout of swimmers.  Donning their new WTC swim caps, they were off! There was a great feeling of camaraderie between the juniors and again support from the sidelines from the parents and some senior members.  At the end of the official races we had a Boogie Board Relay race which was great fun.

All swimmers were awarded a certificate with their best effort recorded.  All children received a chocolate Santa as well which was well received.  Well done to those who took part.  You all did brilliant!




08/12/2013 - WTC Junior Duathlon

Our junior club duathlon was held on Dec 8th and was a great success! We didn’t suffer too much with the weather, as the rain stayed away until the very end. However, there was a tough wind that made it a little more challenging for our junior athletes. The youngest went out first. One lap of the inner field which was all grass, then into transition and onto their bikes. Off they went then on the outer circle which proved tough as there was a slight hill and the wind and the leaves, some pedals falling off…it was all going on! Back into transition again for the final run and you could see how tough it was as the little red faces whizzed by. 


There was great support by the way of marshalls, bike marshalls, parents and some senior members so thank you to all who helped out during the day.  After the race the juniors huddled under the gazebo and scoffed all the home baked goods and hot chocolate which was well deserved! We then had our medal presentation:


Yellow wave

1st Isabelle Myhall

2nd Hugh Parker

3rd Lily Sheehy



1st Dylan Neve

2nd Sean Lundy

3rd Cormac Flavin



Joint 1st Archie and Will Ryan

2nd Stephen Bowes

3rd Garrett Myhall

Well done to all who took part. We hope you had a great day.




08/09/2013 - Family Fun Day

Sunday September 8th saw our annual Family Fun Day in Shanganagh Park, which was a great day out for everyone involved.  Over 40 young athletes and their families took part in some cycling & running training, along with a few fun races too.  In true WTC style, we then fired up the BBQ, with burgers and sausages provided for all! This event kick-started our junior training for the 2013/2014 season, so it was great to see so many young future triathletes taking part.  Well done to all and here’s to another successful year ahead!