May 27 2015 //

Junior Aquathon Series – Bray

Please come and participate in our first Junior Aquathon in Bray next month! We have 2 races in the series. Weds 10th June and Weds 26th August. Please get your family and friends involved. Anyone can come and race.

There will be 4 waves based on the childs age as of Dec 31 2015:

AGE                       SWIM                    RUN

8-9                          50                           500

10-11                     200                         1.5km

12-13                     300                         2km

14-15                     400                         3km

The swim will take place in front of the Martello and will be fully marshalled and supervised and the run will be up and down the promenade.

Please sign up on the TI website. Lots of prizes and all finishers get a medal and soup and sambos after. Looking forward to seeing you there!