May 4 2015 //

WTC Junior Aquathon Greystones

On Sunday the Juniors participated in our annual Aquathon at Greystones Shoreline. For some members this was their first taste of competition, for others it was a great way to test their skills learnt over the winter.

We had 4 distances.

*Under 8’s splash n dash (25m swim/400m run)

*wave 2 ( 50m swim/600m run)

*wave 3 ( 150m swim/800m run)

*wave 4 (300m swim/1500m run)

We had a range of ages from as young as 5 up to 16 years of age.  We were very lucky with the weather and had a wonderful warm and dry day. There was some nice support from the parents and senior members who encouraged these young triathletes across the finish line. We have some excellent runners and swimmers in the club and they showed us their amazing talent on the field.

The committee hope you all enjoyed your race and learnt something new. Keep training hard its paying off!

Will post up results next post.

See you next week for the Triathlon!