May 4 2014 //

WTC Junior Aquathon, Shoreline Greystones – 04/05/2014

Luckily the weather stayed dry for our young members’ big race day. For some of you it was your first time racing so well done to you all. I hope you had a fun day.

It was an early start, with members arriving to register and set up their transition boxes from 9.30 and some very excited members itching to get going.

After registering, we held our race brief, then it was off to get changed and to do a warm up in the pool.

The first wave went off at about 10:20, with our smallest members (as young as 7) swimming 2 lengths of the pool.  Then it was out of the back door to transition to get changed and out onto the race course. Then the second and third waves had their turn.  It was great to see all the members out on the course, trying to catch the people in front. There were some nice quick transitions as well, so well done guys.  Some of you have been practicing J

We had some great sprint finishes and one member even managed to lose his shoe on the run course but still managed a great big smile coming over the finish line. You have to be ready for anything!

Once all the members were in and had a hot shower, we had our medal presentation.  All members received a goodie bag and finisher medal.  1st, 2nd and 3rd places also got a medal.  I hope you showed your medals off in school on Tuesday.

So well done to our young members again.  I really hope you enjoyed the day and had some fun. And thank you to the parents and senior members of the club for their help in marshalling.


Here are the results:


Wave 1 (50m swim/400m run)

1st place Lily Sheehy
2nd place Hugh Parker
3rd place Alannah Guilfoyle


Wave 2 (100m swim/600m run)

1st place Saoirse Guilfoyle
2nd place Sean Lundy
3rd place Megan O’Brien


Wave 3 (200m swim/1500m run)

1st place Stephen Bowes
2nd place Cormac Flavin
3rd place Christopher Bowes


So until the next race, keep training!


Heidi Sheehy

Race Director