September 21 2016 //

Race Briefing


Click here for race briefing document

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Were getting close now, the big race is only a few days away and we are sure you have lots of questions.  Your race briefing document is very important as it has instructions about where, when and how your race will take place.  The briefing answers lots of questions about the course, the rules, your equipment and our marshals.

Read this briefing document carefully and make sure you are familiar with each item.  If you have any questions you can post them below or you can ask us on race day if they are just simple queries.  In any case don’t worry!  We will go through the race day procedure with you in detail next Sunday.


Remember that this is a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event which means we have to provide you with a really high quality event.  There are rules and regulations which you the competitor and us the race organisers must obey for your protection and in pursuit of good sport.  We have detailed all the important rules in these instructions so pay close attention!


See you all in Greystones next Sunday and enjoy the build-up to the Junior Beast of the East Triathlon!