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    Audrey Pender
    Audrey Pender

    So we have come up with a race for us all to keep busy ? it’s a virtual relay race. Teams of 4 (2 men, 2 women – if possible!) with mixed abilities, 2k per person. You have to run the 2k between Monday 13th and Sunday (19th) Midnight to compete your 2k. Put your name down below and the lovely Mick and I will arrange you into teams. We will let you know what team you are in ? once you run your 2k send us in your time. If you are messer like Damo, we will insist on proof ? Fastest team wins!

    Audrey Pender
    Audrey Pender

    The teams are in, check your team below!
    Please submit your times to me or Mick Nolan – we won’t publish individual times just team teams.

    Good luck all!

    David Sparks Aero
    Laney Fitzpatrick Aero
    Conor Fitzgerald Aero
    Trevor Wood Aero

    Shane Willis Boost
    Dom O’Hanlon Boost
    Corrie Adams Boost
    Niamh Coffey Boost

    Toni llovera Crunchie
    Diogo Rebelo Crunchie
    Niamh Buckley Crunchie
    Darren O’Sullivan Crunchie

    Dee Murphy Curly-Wurly
    Damien McKeever Curly-Wurly
    Karen Cowan Curly-Wurly
    Garry Keogh Curly-Wurly

    Kate Fitzpatrick Daim
    Oscar Christie Daim
    Deborah Meghan Daim
    Paul Mahon Daim

    Scott Graham Freddo
    Lisa Howley Freddo
    Joanne Cummins Freddo
    Sophie Imarzouk Freddo

    Dave Bradley Galaxy
    Tony Salmon Galaxy
    Sadhbh McCarthy Galaxy
    Marie Burke Galaxy

    Michael Pearce Malteasers
    Karen Murdock Malteasers
    Orla McAndrew Malteasers
    Aine Quinn Malteasers

    Davey Owens Mars
    Andy Cromien Mars
    Charlie Mitchell Mars
    Paula Humby Mars

    Ronan Stanley Picnic
    Cameron Bremner Picnic
    Helen Mullarkey Picnic
    Audrey Pender Picnic

    Christopher Evans Snickers
    Rob Moran Snickers
    Lisa Sterritt Snickers
    David McDonald Snickers

    Bryan Kenna Twix
    Dan McCarthy Twix
    Nicola Crean Twix
    Karen Graham Twix

    Fiona McBride WIspa
    Des Hogan Wispa
    John Doyle Wispa
    Mick Humby Wispa

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