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    Audrey Pender
    Audrey Pender

    Hi all, for our next challenge we are running a half marathon run race / challenge. In 8 weeks we will all set off for a set 21.1km route at set intervals to comply with social distance rules. There will be an aid station set up with the bottles / gels you provide (labelled please!) which will we will pass multiple times on the route. There might be a predictor / most improved prize but it’s more about setting a personal goal ? we are hoping to host two locations on the day if there is enough interest, Greystones and Wicklow. Please comment below if interested and state your preferred location. Please abide by the distance limits which will be in place at that time (20k radius) Thanks all!

    Audrey Pender
    Audrey Pender

    Hi all, we have gotten a lot of interest on the half marathon (July 18th – Saturday) which is great – but we will need to do waves / timed start. To help us with this – if you are racing can you please fill in the sheet below (once!) With your predicted time – there might be even a prize for closest predicted time.. So get it right if you can ?
    Also this will be a free race – but there will be an option to donate a small amount to the club’s chosen charity if people are in the position to do this.
    Please fill in the form below – thanks!

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