May 1 2018 //

WTC Junior Aquathon – May 6th 2018


It’s almost time to put your best racing kit on for our annual swimming pool aquathon based at Shoreline Leisure, Greystones, Co Wicklow.

This is a practice aquathon, a race we  host for you to rehearse for all of your big races this Summer and run through your slick transition, practice your swim skills and hone your pacing skills in the pool and on the road.  The swim will take place in the pool at Shoreline leisure.  The transition area will be outside in the car park to the rear of the pool (outside the deep-end windows) with the run route being on the pavement along Mill Road and into Charlesland (R774).


Important stuff:
  • Please make sure you are at Shoreline Leisure (front reception area) before 11:00am (all ages please note:  Sign on is before the 11:00 session !)
  • Please bring the correct swimming & running equipment (see guide further down)
  • Please check the layout and course to make the briefing a bit easier on race day
  • Bring your race-face and any family or friends you would like to impress on the day!
  • 10:35 – 10:55  Registration
  • 10:45 – 11:00  Transition set-up
  • 11:10 – 11:20  Briefing on pool deck
  • 11:30 – 13:00  Age based race waves
Age categories and race distances:
Age Swim Run
8 – 9 Years 100m 800m
10 – 11 Years 200m 1400m
12 – 13 Years * 300m 2000m
14 – 15 Years * 400m 2600m

* These categories may be adjusted before May 6th based on race entries!

This is how the run course looks:

run course

What to wear:
  • If you own a tri-suit, then wear this for the entire race
  • During the swim you must wear a swim cap and goggles

If you don’t own a tri suit:

  • Boys may swim in togs or girls in swim suits, but you must wear shorts and a top for the run
  • You don’t need to wear socks.  Set your transition up like below, have a towel  with your runners (shorts and top if you are using these) and put some talcum powder (a little!) in your shoes to help your feet to slip in.


It is early May, bring warm and dry clothes for afterwards!

If you can bake or know a parent who can please encourage them to spend Saturday in the kitchen preparing goodies for afterwards.  Any questions can be asked on the WhatsApp thread for WTCJuniors where you should get a very rapid answer.


See you all nice and early next Sunday bluesmiley