WicklowTri arranges various sessions across all disciplines, details of which can be found below.

For insurance purposes, you must be a member of both Triathlon Ireland and of Wicklow Triathlon Club to attend these sessions.

Aside from these organised sessions, you will also find other members will meet up and organise unofficial training sessions themselves.


Pool sessions run over a 10 week block and are purchased online. If you are new to the club and wish to try out a session, please contact us and let us know.

Thursday Night Swim, 7-8pm/8-9pm, Greystones Run all year round

Coached swim sessions in Shoreline Leisure, Greystones. Run by our fully qualified coaches, these sessions cater for all abilities. Coach John Doyle takes the 7-8pm slot which is for beginners and improvers (2 lanes). The 8-9pm slot is for everyone else, and we have all 6 lanes to ourselves. Coach Lisa Howley takes lanes 1-3 while Coach John Doyle takes lanes 4-6; the sessions tend to focus on swim technique over the winter months and then build up speed and endurance as we approach race season.

Monday Night Pool Swim, 7-8pm, Wicklow Run throughout late autumn/winter/spring

Coached swim sessions in The Coral Leisure Centre in Wicklow Town. As with our Greystones swim, this session is run by qualified coaches and cater for all abilities. Coach Fiona Crean takes care of the beginners and improvers, while Coach Corinna Nolan takes the more advanced swimmers.

Wednesday Morning Swim, 7am-8am, Wicklow Run throughout the year (depending on demand)

Coached by Coach Fiona Crean, these sessions are a great way to start the day. They are open to all levels.

Open Water Swims, Greystones South Beach and Wicklow Harbour Run throughout the summer

These sessions are invaluable to get you ready for swimming in open water. The session will cover basic open water swimming, more advanced techniques, various swim starts, how to swim around buoys, how to sight properly in open water, etc.

These sessions are free for all members.



Saturday Spin, 9am/10am, Ashford Run all year round, depending on weather

Our long cycles take place each Saturday morning and are split into groups based on speed/distance/ability. The various routes are communicated ahead of time so you can familiarise yourself with the route and a rough estimate of the average speed for each group so that you can be aware of what you’re letting yourself in for! Each week an experienced club member will lead out our “New To Tri” group for any new members looking to get started on the bike. For more information about this, please feel free to contact us. Our Saturday Spins are free but traditionally finish with a well-deserved post-spin tea/coffee in Mount Usher Gardens.

At all times members are responsible for their own safety and must apply common sense.

Be prepared for change of weather conditions and know the route.
PLEASE NOTE**The route may be modified or cancelled at short notice due to changing weather conditions.**

Please ensure you have all necessary equipment and your bicycle is in safe condition and you have a working front and red rear light. Be prepared and arrive on time to sign in with your bike leader and bring your phone, emergency money, and identification.

At the moment there is a temporary Group 1 – Led by Paul Evans to bridge the gap between New To Tri & Group 2.

Bike Leader Groups and Levels

New to Tri (NTT): Newbie/Novice
Arrive 15 minutes prior to departure
Typical distance: 20-40km
Typical duration: 2hours
Typical average speed: 19-23kmh
Group 2: Intermediate
Arrive 15 minutes prior to departure
Typical distance: 60-70km
Typical duration: 2.5 hours
Typical average speed: 23-25kmh
Group 3: Strong Intermediate
Arrive 15 minutes prior to departure
Typical distance: 70-80km
Typical duration: 3 hours
Typical speed: 24-26kmh
Group 4: Strong Intermediate
Arrive 15 minutes prior to departure
Typical distance: 70-80km
Typical duration: 3 hours
Typical speed: 24-26kmh
Group 5: Advanced
Arrive 15 minutes prior to departure
Typical distance: 80-90km
Typical duration: 3 hours
Typical speed: 25-28kmh

Meet in the carpark next to the roundabout entering Ashford – map and be ready to go at 9:45/10am, depending on which group you plan to go with (again, see the forum for the various groups/routes ahead of time).

Wednesday Night TT Intervals, 7pm, Wicklow Run throughout late spring/summer

Led by John Darcy, these sessions are targeted at improving cycling sprint speed on the roads and are open to all abilities. You will be split up into small groups of people of a similar speed and do a number of efforts at speed down a quiet road, each taking a turns at the front of the group. These sessions are hard work but incredibly rewarding and will certainly be a huge help come race season; they are also free for all members.


Tuesday Night Run, 7:15pm, Greystones Run all year round, with a short break around October/November

Our structured running sessions are geared towards working on your run speed, gait, technique, hill work, being aware of your heart-rate and how to approach races. These sessions are free to all members and are highly recommended; any regulars attendees will tell you that the sessions have made huge improvements to their run times. All abilities are catered for and new members are encouraged to join – they will help your run and help you meet fellow club members.

Meet in the carpark of Go Gym in Greystones , be ready to go at 7:15pm.