The Clubs Ethos: The Ethos of WTJ is built on fun learning and development of your children through sport. The club is committed to create an active social sports club, being inclusive not exclusive, where people come to train, compete and socialise in equal measure.
Our Goal: Although Triathlon is typically a solo sport, we aim to develop the children to respect the core values of teamwork.
• Respect for themselves and each other.
• Humility
• Fairness
• Enjoyment
• Sportsmanship
• Discipline
• A little bit of hard work

Our Mission: Our mission is to foster and develop the children through sport. We want to encourage participation in the sport by people from all sections of society and the community, whether athletes, parents, coaches, administrators and to provide the appropriate facilities for all who wish to participate. We would like to bring our children to a point where they have confidence to take part in various competitions and ultimately, to compete with their peers.
Friendships: To maintain the childrens interest in both the club and sport, we feel it important to create an environment where the children can develop friendships from within the club. This will also promote healthy competition from within the club.